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Why Give

Every gift matters. Every gift makes a difference.

Everyday alumni, friends, foundations and corporations from across the UK and from locations around the globe decide to give to Loughborough University. 

Gifts to Loughborough, whether large or small, make a lasting impact on our students and campus - supporting everything from engineering to sporting facilities, from the Design School to student projects, and all areas in between. These gifts represent all types of giving, including support for students, schools, facilities, research, capital projects and the Vice-Chancellor priorities.

People who give to higher education do so because they see it as the best possible way to invest in the future. People give to Loughborough because they believe it’s a place where you can get the best possible return on that investment. Your support is a show of confidence in our students and in their potential to go on after their courses to create a better tomorrow.

When you give to Loughborough, you are part of an elite group, one that is allowing Loughborough to continue to provide England’s best educational student experience and to serve as a world-class university.

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Find out how to give and what you can give.

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