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Water, Engineering and Development Centre

Access to safe water and adequate sanitation are the most basic services essential to life. Through education, training and research, WEDC has helped improve the well-being of both rural and urban communities in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Our learning opportunities are designed to equip policymakers, practitioners and community members with the essential skills necessary to improve the quality of life. Our programmes are aimed at improving services in some of the poorest countries in the world and the scholarship fund provides financial support to enable students to benefit from our world-renowned courses.

The courses provide students with the expertise and knowledge to provide sustainable long-term solutions where it's needed most, and who simply could not afford to study without support.

There is the opportunity to study either at Loughborough University, for a one year period, or by distance learning in a student's own country. In addition, our programmes can be studied module by module, over a six month period, up to a complete Master of Science (MSc) programme consisting of nine modules. The support required for a student to study each module is £1,000.

We are asking for your support for two different types of scholarship.

WEDC Scholarships

WEDC Scholarships provide opportunities for students to participate in WEDC programmes from their own country via distance learning. To support future students, click the Donate Now button and select the WEDC Scholarships Fund option.

The John Pickford Fund

The John Pickford Fund provides bursary support for students from Africa and Asia to come to Loughborough to study with WEDC and gain the expertise and knowledge to contribute to solving water, sanitation and hygiene problems in their home countries where they are most needed. To support future students, click the Donate Now button and select the John Pickford Fund option.

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