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Development Trust Scholarships:
Student Hardship 

Please give a high achieving student from a low income family the chance to make their own memories at Loughborough University.

Do you treasure your memories of your time at Loughborough University? I hope you do. When I speak to people who studied here, they often tell me about the friends they made, the fun they had and how lucky they were to get a first class education at the same time.

Loughborough University has always been open to all who have the talent to succeed. I’m sure you’ll agree it must stay that way. Loughborough wouldn’t be Loughborough otherwise. To maintain the highest academic standards, we need to continue attracting the best students, regardless of their background.

But to do this, the University needs your help...

There is a distinguished history of philanthropy at Loughborough University. In 1935 Annie Thompson became the first person to leave a legacy to Loughborough, her gift helped to provide scholarships to those who wanted to study at Loughborough; a munificent act which remains especially poignant today.

Not many people are able to give as she did. Today, there is a need for a new kind of philanthropy where our community of alumni work together, donating what they can, with a shared aim – keeping the University open to all.

With a gift to the Development Trust Scholarships fund, you could join other former Loughborough students in helping to fund a university education for someone who might otherwise struggle to be able to take their place.

If you want to know more about what your generosity would mean, I urge you to read this letter written by Sarah, a recent recipient of a scholarship. She explains how much it meant to her to have financial support, and more. The very idea that someone, somewhere, is prepared to give their own money to help a student from a poorer family moves and motivates so many of our scholars.

So I hope you will choose to part-fund a scholarship today and, in doing so, give a student like Sarah encouragement and inspiration. I must emphasise that whatever you are able to give will be enormously appreciated – you could make an important contribution to a scholarship.

For a student somewhere, your gift today could make a radical difference – giving them the chance to come to Loughborough, get a first-class education and make memories of their own to treasure for the rest of their lives.

We hope this is a gift you feel you can give.


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