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Policy on the Acceptance of Charitable Donations

The University has an obligation to its staff and students to do everything reasonable to ensure that the funding sources for philanthropic donations do not in any way undermine Loughborough’s reputation.  This obligation also extends to previous and current donors who have linked themselves with the University’s values and reputation.


The University’s Ethics Committee will review charitable donations to the University to:


·         Assess the suitability and reputation of the donor or donating organization

·         Assess and accept funds in support of programmes or initiatives that:

o      are consistent with the University’s Strategic Plan and direction

o      advance the University’s mission

o      enhance the University’s reputation

o      do not require an unacceptable expenditure of additional University resources

o      have the full cost of the project identified (i.e. required support staff costs, additional running costs, additional space requirements are all included)

·         Consider implications of accepting the donation, and:

o      how it will be perceived by both internal and external members of the University’s community

o      if the donation will expose the University to undue adverse publicity or reputational risk

o      if the donation will inhibit, unreasonably, the University from seeking donations from other donors

o      if the offer of support is dependent on the fulfilment of conditions placed upon the University which are perceived as too onerous or counter to the Institution's objectives

o      if the donation compromises the University’s academic integrity or freedom

o      subsequently advise on current and future possible implications for the Institution


However, unproven allegations or rumours should not of themselves prevent acceptance of a particular donation, but due regard will be taken of reputational risk for the University before any benefaction is accepted.

In cases where the donor wishes to remain anonymous, such anonymity should be respected.  In the case of a truly anonymous donation, in which the University only deals with an intermediary who is not prepared to identify the donor even to the Vice Chancellor the donation should not be accepted.

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