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Meet up with hall, class or sports mates for a drink and find out what’s new at Loughborough

Our next Lufbra in London event will be taking place in 2016. 

These fun and informal gatherings bring together alumni from all walks of life and enable our graduates to share their experiences of Loughborough and make wonderful new contacts for the future.


What you've said about Lubfra in...

“A huge thank you for a brilliant evening – it was great to hear about everything that’s going on at Loughborough at the moment and all the fantastic ideas!”
- Maddy Buckley (Fine Art, 2010)

“Well done hosting the event. I have spent some time in the company of two of my contemporaries since the event- it had been 30 years since our last meeting”
- Paul Colonna (Economics, 1979)

Get involved!

In order for alumni events to succeed, we need your support in encouraging your network of friends to take part and your feedback to shape the future of your events.

Thank you to our current Lufbra in... volunteers for their valuable input and hard work to date:

Mallika Neale (Management Sciences, 1980 - Faraday Hall)
Paul Glover (Information & Computing, 1994 - William Morris Hall)
Kev Hogan (Physics, 2002 - Faraday Hall)
David Goss (Politics, 2007 - Rutherford Hall)
Robbie Epsom (Chemical Engineering, 2009 - David Collett Hall)

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Get a taste of what to expect at a 'Lufbra in ...' event from the footage below.

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