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Loughborough University Development Trust is an Exempt Charity

Loughborough University Development Trust (LUDT) is now an Exempt Charity, rather than a Registered Charity. This came into effect on 25th November 2011.  As an Exempt Charity, LUDT abides by the principles of the Charity Commission, although the responsibility for governance is with the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

The benefits of being an Exempt Charity, are the same as a Registered Charity, namely:

  • LUDT can reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue under the Gift Aid Scheme;
  • Higher rate tax payers qualify for personal tax deductions on donations;
  • LUDT does not pay income and inheritance tax on gifts of money or property it receives;
  • A legacy to LUDT reduces the tax payable on the estate;
  • A gift of stocks and shares will reduce a donor's income tax liability, making the gift exempt from capital gains tax.

LUDT is recognised as a charity for tax purposes. It no longer has a Registered Charity number.

If you have any questions please contact the Alumni Office on 01509 228497 or email

Loughborough University's donation acceptance policy and Ethical Investment Policy.

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